The best in concrete since 1958

High-quality prefab concrete products ensure the cost-saving completion of a building project according to its schedule. Almost factory-finished prefab concrete elements save both time and costs at the building site.

Our operations are controlled by the audited ISO-9001 quality system. In addition to the internal quality control at the production plants, external quality control is managed by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy. The high quality of our prefab concrete elements is a result of the use of quality-controlled raw materials like cement, aggregates, additives, reinforcing steel and steel components.

We offer a wide variety of surface alternatives for finished facades on all kinds of building projects. Concrete buildings form a solid whole, as if they were be made from a single rock.

Our products are delivered just in time, shortening the building time and improving the quality. We use our own specialised transportation equipment, enabling us to deliver elements to an interim storage place near the project site.

Our full range of services ensures that the client’s orders are fulfilled and erected according to the agreed schedule. Thanks to professional installers and our own mobile crane, erection is fast and easy.


  • fireproof and safe
  • highly soundproof
  • heat storing
  • energy-saving
  • durable
  • long-lasting
  • economical
  • in need of little maintenance
  • moisture resistant
  • self-preserving in value


  • Facade elements
  • Interior wall elements
  • Air-raid shelter elements
  • Supporting wall elements
  • Concrete gutter elements
  • Bridge elements
  • Thin-shell slabs
  • Foundations
  • Pillars
  • Beams
  • Balcony slabs
  • Stairs
  • TT slabs